Researchers calling for Childfree Participants

Scientific data on childfree people is under-researched, causing misconceptions and failing to inform policy, but many are working to mend the gap and YOU can help! Here are two current studies seeking participants. A researcher at the University of Las Vegas is seeking input from women (18+) that self-identifies as "childfree" for a simple, quick survey investigating how certain… Continue reading Researchers calling for Childfree Participants

Nominate 2018’s Childfree Person of the Year & celebrate International Childfree Day

International Childfree Day 2018 is quickly approaching! Let's take a moment to nominate a notable person or group of positive impact to be recognized for all their contributions in encouraging CF acceptance & affirming authenticity! What #childfree sites do you enjoy and follow? Forums? Pages or Twitter handles? They all can qualify for nominations of… Continue reading Nominate 2018’s Childfree Person of the Year & celebrate International Childfree Day


When I decided to set up booths at Pride celebrations this summer, one of the first things I resolved to do was to dedicate a percentage of the sales to a charitable organization. I chose The Trevor Project: "the leading national organization providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to (LGBTQ) young people..." The work this… Continue reading Donation to THE TREVOR PROJECT

Panhandle Pride 2018

I'm back in my hometown this week where I spent all day this past Sunday running my first Pridefest booth at Panhandle Pride's Annual Festival and Picnic! It was a nonstop, exciting experience full of celebration & community demonstrated in ways that I never thought would be possible if you'd have asked me just 10… Continue reading Panhandle Pride 2018

This webcomic about being Childfree is a must-see!