Researchers calling for Childfree Participants

Scientific data on childfree people is under-researched, causing misconceptions and failing to inform policy, but many are working to mend the gap and YOU can help! Here are two current studies seeking participants. A researcher at the University of Las Vegas is seeking input from women (18+) that self-identifies as "childfree" for a simple, quick survey investigating how certain… Continue reading Researchers calling for Childfree Participants


Apologies for being offline…

Hey Everyone! Just sending out a message of appreciation & apology to all who've tried to contact me in the past month or so.   I've been almost completely offline—prioritizing my energy & attending to my health. Currently, I am in significantly better shape than I was, but it's still a journey everyday.   I… Continue reading Apologies for being offline…

Nominate 2018’s Childfree Person of the Year & celebrate International Childfree Day

International Childfree Day 2018 is quickly approaching! Let's take a moment to nominate a notable person or group of positive impact to be recognized for all their contributions in encouraging CF acceptance & affirming authenticity! What #childfree sites do you enjoy and follow? Forums? Pages or Twitter handles? They all can qualify for nominations of… Continue reading Nominate 2018’s Childfree Person of the Year & celebrate International Childfree Day


When I decided to set up booths at Pride celebrations this summer, one of the first things I resolved to do was to dedicate a percentage of the sales to a charitable organization. I chose The Trevor Project: "the leading national organization providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to (LGBTQ) young people..." The work this… Continue reading Donation to THE TREVOR PROJECT