Panhandle Pride 2018

I’m back in my hometown this week where I spent all day this past Sunday running my first Pridefest booth at Panhandle Pride‘s Annual Festival and Picnic!

It was a nonstop, exciting experience full of celebration & community demonstrated in ways that I never thought would be possible if you’d have asked me just 10 short years ago as I attended my first Pridefest—a significantly smaller, struggling event—now, dwarfed by the thousands of people & hundreds of

Panhandle Pride event photo

booths spanning an entire city park! Sometimes, lately, I am so proud of my former city—a sentiment that pleasantly surprises me after growing up in its often prejudicial shadow…

More to come about this Pride experience shortly, including how I’ll be giving back to the community and carrying on the affirming, supportive traditions that Pride encourages in us all! ❤

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