Speaking Services:

  • Writing / Performing – Workshop Facilitatoraudience-1677028_1920
    Writing / Performing – Coach
    Writing / Performing Group – Speaker

    • Finding the universality of one’s individual story,
    • Uncovering the optimal voice and methodology to convey one’s intention, and
    • Embodying the physicality of delivering one’s most confident and effective performance.


  • Motivational – Workshop Facilitator
    Motivational – Speaker

    • Self-determination, self-definition, and intentionality;
    • Dissecting societal roles, identifying systems of oppression/privilege, and finding empowerment & motivation in knowledge and transparency;
    • Being one’s own primary advocate through finding one’s own self-assessed value as the strongest foundation for finding resources, support, willpower, and, ultimately, a voice.
  • Speaking Engagements—Advocacy, Social Justice Issues
    (Educational / Psychoeducational)

    • [Aligned with the curriculum of the above Motivational Workshops, with different delivery styles, intended audience, etc.]


  • Interviews,  Appearances, Commentating, etc.
    • I am happy to offer my experiences and expertise to many causes and engagements. Please send me a proposal/inquiry regarding your project, with as many details as possible, and I will respond as soon as possible.


Writing Services:

  • Freelance Editing & Proofreading Freelance Ghostwriting
    • Technical accuracy,
    • comprehensibility/fluidity, and
    • audience-appropriate style & voice.correcting-1870721_1920
    • All projects considered:
      • From simple one-time proofreading of signage, pamphlets, and similar documents;
      • to proofreading & line-editing combinations for simple documents like resumes or contracts,
      • up to ongoing joint-efforts as with full-length manuscripts.


  • Freelance Guest/Feature Writer—guest blog posts, feature essays/articles, reviews, commentary, etc.
    • Women’s issues, other social justice issues
      • related current event reactions/commentary
      • (specializing in psychological and sociological tie-ins and analyses),
    • Mental health issues—personal experience, identity, treatment, and recovery
      • From both the patient’s and provider’s perspectives
      • DSM-V expertise and experience in:
        • crisis, trauma, addiction, disordered eating, depressive and anxiety disorders,
    • Intentional living and active analysis—both:
      • intrapersonally (self-reflection, -actualization) and
      • interpersonally (relationally & romantically—
        • including navigating healthy exploration of nontraditional relationship compositions such as ethical non-monogamy / polyamory).


  • Curriculum Writer
    • Many workshops can be written into a personalized foundational curriculum designed to be facilitated in-house for your specific groups.
    • These must be determined on a well-informed, individualized scenario basis.
    • Group work curriculum and session plan experience and education:
      • Therapeutic and process groups of varying cohesion levels,
      • Educational and psychoeducational groups of varying comprehension levels,
      • Various age groups
        • (primarily adult focused, however some curricula can be adjusted for as young as pre-teen/late-elementary age groups.
          All adjustments, individualized plans are to be determined on a well-informed, case-by-case basis).


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