Hello, I watched your TED Talk last night and you were literally telling me my own story… I FINALLY after over 7 years of trying got my tubes removed. I found an amazing doctor who didn’t ask me questions, just told me what was going to happen, totally supportive… I know how lucky I am to have her.

…[My former doctor] tried to talk me out of it, asked me “what does your boyfriend think about this? What if you break up?” and no one would even consider it until I was over 30. Like 30 is a magic number or something. Even after I got the procedure I went back and he says to me “So you talked them into it?” I felt just as you were describing. Thank you ! Thank you ! For taking this issue to a wider audience. I don’t understand why it is this way. Maybe you have started this path of change.”

—via Facebook message

“Thank you for taking this issue to a wider audience”

This is a really good listen. Not all of us want children. It doesn’t mean we’re selfish or anything of the kind. We simply don’t want that lifestyle. There isn’t anything wrong with it. ” — Meghan via facebook

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“…A really good listen.” — Meghan

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