“SO, when are you going to have kids?”

This beautifully written post responds to my TEDx talk using her own honest, heartfelt experience of being a woman without children for different and significant reasons than my own. It’s an honor for my talk to have inspired such an intimate offering into a person’s life, especially one that touches on some very sensitive topics that are long past due for discussion out of the shadow of social shame.

If everyone avoided this topic because of how uncomfortable it is, nobody would know why it can be so painful for some. Instead of feeling awkward about the topic, learn from it.”

Thank you, @insomniadoodles. Fantastically written, inspiring post. 

Insomnia Doodles

I don’t normally do this on my blog, but for this particular subject, I will add a content warning:
– infertility
– suicidal thoughts
– societal gender roles

If these topics are triggering to you, please do not read this article.

I decided to write this after watching this wonderful TED Talk.
Please take a moment to watch this before continuing.

I am a 27 year-old female. I have never had children, and I do not plan to. This is not because I have some aversion to motherhood. I like children. I think that I could be a good parent if I ever decided to adopt, but I have no interest in birthing my own child. My reasoning is different from Christen, as I am deciding not to have children because of some health complications that could be life-threatening in pregnancy. I have a pituitary disorder called Panhypopituitarism which causes…

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3 thoughts on ““SO, when are you going to have kids?””

  1. I am so honored that you read my article. Thank you so much for giving me the courage to share my story and speak up about a topic that is so uncomfortable to discuss. I really hope that more people take a step back and realize just how ridiculous it is to place such expectations on women, or anyone for that matter.

    Thank you so much for your response to my article. It was a very pleasant surprise hearing from you. I am wishing you all the best!

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    1. Nothing could make me happier than my words possibly inspiring someone’s voice to break through with a truth that only you could share with the world. The world is full of loud, amplified tantrums of lies, distractions, manipulations… The truth doesn’t have to be scandalous or sensationalistic. It is just *is*. It just is inherently true, in and of itself. And the beauty of it is that even when we think no one is listening, that no one could hear us (or even cared to)… speaking the truth is kind of like being in a huge crowd and having someone call out your name, You are going to hear it. Somewhere inside you. No one else even blinked. It wasn’t for them. It was for you, and it found you. That’s how speaking your truth works. Not about volume or views… it has its way of finding the person who needed to hear it at that moment, in that way.
      And I think that is a beautiful thing.

      Thank you for your article. It was a pleasure to read. Best wishes to you always! ❤ -Christen

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