“Thank you for taking this issue to a wider audience”

Hello, I watched your TED Talk last night and you were literally telling me my own story… I FINALLY after over 7 years of trying got my tubes removed. I found an amazing doctor who didn’t ask me questions, just told me what was going to happen, totally supportive… I know how lucky I am to have her.

…[My former doctor] tried to talk me out of it, asked me “what does your boyfriend think about this? What if you break up?” and no one would even consider it until I was over 30. Like 30 is a magic number or something. Even after I got the procedure I went back and he says to me “So you talked them into it?” I felt just as you were describing. Thank you ! Thank you ! For taking this issue to a wider audience. I don’t understand why it is this way. Maybe you have started this path of change.”

—via Facebook message